sábado, 6 de agosto de 2016

Eye of the Leopard

Adorei este filme!
Magnífico trabalho!

 Eye of the Leopard follows the remarkable life of one small leopard from when she is just 8 days old every step of the way until she is 3 years old and on the brink of adulthood. Legadema, as she is named, works her way into your heart as she slips in and out of danger virtually every day, running from baboons and hyenas but also making landmark strides in hunting and surviving. Narrated by Jeremy Irons it is the story of a mother and daughter relationship as well as that of an emerging huntress in Botswana’s magnificent Mombo region of the Okavango Delta.

“An extraordinary film about one of the world’s most amazing cats.”
- Charlie Gibson, ABC Nightly News

“You always seem to be just in the right pace at the right time!”
- Victoria Maberly ABC Nightline

Mais informações em http://www.wildlifefilms.co/eyeoftheleopard/