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Trump: How many people know what ‘xenophobe’ means?

Donald Trump is not too worried about people calling him a “xenophobe” or “nativist,” if his comments to Boston radio host Howie Carr are any indication.
Carr wrote in the Boston Herald on Thursday that aboard the presumptive Republican nominee’s plane after attending a rally in Bangor, Maine, he mentioned a protest sign earlier in the day in Boston, which he recalled as saying, “RACIST SEXIST BIGOT FASCIST XENOPHOBE ISLAMOPHOBE TRUMP.”
“Hillary’s called me a ‘xenophobe’ a few times. How many people even know what the word means? Same with ‘nativist,'” Trump said, according to Carr’s account.
Carr spoke at Trump’s event in Bangor, Maine, and proceeded to mock Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) with Indian war whoops, poking at the accusation that she secured a job at Harvard University by claiming Cherokee heritage. Warren, a Hillary Clinton surrogate who campaigned with the presumptive Democratic nominee on Monday in Ohio, has lashed out at Trump frequently for his rhetoric toward women and minorities.

By  NICK GASS 6/30/16, 4:28 PM CET 

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